About Us

About Orgnization

“N.K Group” is a pioneer and a specialist in Car Parking management. The Company that was incorporated in 2004 which then diversified into Facility Management. In today’s world, where population and the number of cars are increasing rapidly, our own living space is shrinking and becoming more precious. N.K car parking systems are the only logical solution to the growing lack of space in our homes and at our workplace.

A leading manufacturer of car parking systems in India, N.K has been designing and installing parking systems for over a decade.

The parking systems are manufactured at Wada plant just about the outskirts of Mumbai and deliver quality at par with International standards.

Parking solutions can be worked out with our expertise which can be manufactured and installed while designing your property (Commercial/ Residential) and later could be serviced thereafter as AMC or O&M basis.

N. K has been in the industry for over a decade, in which we have been successful in all ventures like:-

1. Facility management

2. Security Service

3. Real Estate

4. Elevator / Escalator erection

5. Multi level car parking

Why Choose Us

1. We provide services easily

2. We are Cost Effective

3. Our organization provides service in a short time frame

4. We Value Your Need

5. We Provide Best Security/Car Parking/House Keeping In Mumbai